Competition (04/06/15)

 In Competition

Just a reminder that if you’re not prepping for regional to keep taking it easy. Have fun, take some CrossFit classes, go try something new. We’ll start posting separate comp’ programming in 2 weeks.

Regional Prep

5min EMOM:
3 Deficit Jumps
step off of a 12″ box and jump immediately to as high a box as possible
*Try to Increase height by a couple inches compared to last week

10min EMOM:
3 Bar Facing Burpees + 3 Power Cleans (tap-n-go)
*Build into a heavy weight and maintain for all 10 sets

Front Squat
5×3 @ ~ 80-85% of 1RM
*Across. Aim for 5lbs heavier than last Monday

For time:
5,4,3,2,1 of:
Deficit Parallette HSPU (8″, 6″)
Hang Squat Cleans (205, 145)

8×20 Cal Row (ME)
*90sec rest between efforts

Recent Posts
  • Renee English

    A. 24″
    B. 135# for all (all tng)
    C. 185 for all (80%.. felt stupid heavy today)
    D. 8:49 w/strict def w/25s (singles hspu’s)
    E. Done

  • chris redden

    A. 30″ box with 2 25lb plates
    B. 165 for all, went light
    C. 215 for all
    D. Did Class, Hit 255 for Clean

  • Brett Moore

    A: 30″ box with two 25lb plates
    B: 165 lbs
    C: 215 lbs
    D: Class wod- 245 on clean

  • Matt McDonald

    C. 205 for 5 sets of 3
    D. 14:31 w/ 165lb and RX
    E. Done. 47 sec pace to start then died after about 4 rounds ended over a min pace.

  • Jon Esposito

    A. 30″ box w/ 2 45’s and a 15.
    B. 225# across touch-n-go.
    C. 305# across b/w 80% and 85%
    D. 3:39 Rx 8″ deficit is a long way to go.
    E. 38-41 seconds. Felt better half way in.

  • Brent Cowan

    A) 30″ Box 2 -45s ceiling issues
    B) did masters 1st rd 8m amrap 5 Clean, 5bj over , 5 t2b
    C) 185
    E) 46,41,38,41,45,46,43,39

  • Lindy Barber

    A- 30 inch box with a 45 and a 25 plate
    B- I used 165#
    C- I used 205# for my first set and it looked like and felt like shit so I dropped down to 195#
    D- 2:37
    E- I think they were around 51 seconds. This was not fun. It made me sick.

  • Kristi Eramo

    a.) 30 inch box with 45 pound plate
    b. I used 145# for first 5 rounds and 155# for last 5 rounds
    c. used 195 for all sets’
    d. i think 3:50 something?
    e. about 1:10 each time.