Competition (03/31/15)

 In Competition

Regional Prep

AM Session

Split Jerk
12min to build into a heavy double. Pull from blocks

Every 2min for 10min:
3 Push Press
*build to a weight and mantain for all 5 sets. These should be catch and go reps. Record weight. We’re going to be maintaining load and shortening time intervals over the next few weeks.

15min Row @ HR of 120-140
*If you don’t have a heartrate monitor, stop every 5min and check HR via pulse

PM Session

“The Seven”
7 Rounds of:
7 Thusters (135, 95)
7 Knees to elbows
7 Deadlifts (245, 170)
7 Burpees
7 KB Swings (70, 35)
7 Pull-ups

Every 2min for 10min:
200ft Farmers Carry
*Go as heavy as possible while staying unbroken

Recent Posts
  • Brett Moore

    A. Split Jerk- worked up to 255
    Did class wod
    Build to heavy front squat- 275
    15 sprints @ 100 meters.

  • chris redden

    Worked to 245 for two
    Did class Wod

    • Case

      Solid Jerks Chris!

  • Renee English

    A. Up to 145#
    B. 130# for all
    C. Done
    D. 26:45 Rx
    E. Done- w/53# kb

    • Case

      Great work Renee!

  • Brett Moore

    worked up to two @ 255
    Did class wod