Competition (03/30/15)

 In Competition

The Open season is officially over for most of us. If you’re not advancing on to regionals you need to take 2 Weeks of rejuvenation time. This is an opportunity for you to reset and have some fun. Rest, do something active and fun, take some classes and go easy, but DO NOT try to start training hard now. Give your body and mind some time to reset before ramping up for the coming year.

If you are advancing onto regional, follow the Regional Prep below:

*This blog is formatted for prep for the Central Regional – starting 5/29. If you’re in another region with a different regional date you’ll need to deload sooner.

Regional Prep

5min EMOM:
3 Deficit Jumps
step off of a 12″ box and jump immediately to as high a box as possible

Every 2min for 6min:
3 Cleans
Every 2min for 8min:
2 Cleans
*Don’t go above 85%. Build into a moderate triple and double.

Front Squat
5×3 @ ~ 80-85% of 1RM
*Leave some in the tank today

Every 2min for 10min:
5-7 Deficit Parallette HSPU
*6″ deficit. Measure from top of parallette

3min AMRAP:
4 MUs
8 HPCs (165, 115)
12 Pistols (alt)
-rest 4min-
4min AMRAP:
4 MUs
8 HPCs (165, 115)
12 Pistols (alt)
-rest 4min-
5min AMRAP:
4 MUs
8 HPCs (165, 115)
12 Pistols (alt)

5min R&R Row

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