Competition (03/24/15)

 In Competition

Deficit Jumps
1 Every 15sec for 4min
*Use a height that is tough but manageable
Checkout a video of deficit jumps here

Every 2min for 16min:
Snatch Pull + Snatch
*Build into a MODERATE set. Focusing on form and technique today

3 Rounds for time:
60 DUs
20 Pistols (alt)
3 Rope Climbs (15′)
*Goal is to train gymnastic movements under fatigue. Push, but don’t blow it out.

10 Rounds of:
100ft Backwards Run
100ft Prowler Push (90, 50)
*60sec rest between efforts. You’ll start 100ft from the prowler and run backwards to it. As soon as you meet the prowler, push to the starting point.


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