Competition {02/21/15}

 In Competition

12min to work into a heavy-ish
Squat Clean

10min EMOM:
Odd: 5 Deadlift
Even: 5 Benchpress

Use two different barbells and pick a weight that is heavy, but reasonable for both lifts and maintain for full EMOM. The Open starts next week, so don’t blow it out.

15min Practice
Bar Muscle Up
Pistol Squats
*Play with both movements. Work on popping high in bar muscle-ups, staying tight on kips, and cycle speed. For pistols, play with pause and weighted in front rack as well as overhead.

3min AMRAP
20 DUs
5 Power Cleans (155, 105)
-rest 4min-
5min AMRAP
30 DUs
5 Power Cleans (195, 135)
-rest 4min
7min AMRAP
40 DUs
5 Power Cleans (235,165)

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