Competition (02/19/16)

 In Competition


Open Prep Day – The goal of today is to mimic how you would prepare for and execute an Open WOD. Overall volume is low, but warmup should be thorough. Push hard, but keep yourself safe – The 2016 Open starts next week!

A. General Warm-up
5min Air Bike or Row
Athlete Choice ROM & Mobility

Down Dog Calf Stretch
30 (alt)

TK KB Press

C. WOD Prep
Movement Warmup
2 Rounds of:
9 Box Jumps
6 Push Press
3 T2B
*85% ME
-rest 5min, then execute WOD-

D. Open WOD 12.3
18min AMRAP:
15 Box Jumps (24, 20)
12 Push Press (115, 75)
9 T2B

E. Rest & Recovery
5min Easy Row or Air Bike

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