Competition {02/04/15}

 In Competition

AM Session

400 Cal Row
*65% ME

5min EMOM:
5 Dumbbell Push Jerks
5min EMOM:
5 Dumbbell Split Jerks
*Stay light. This is for technique practice. We’re doing heavy jerks tonight!

PM Session

Split Jerks
2 x 3 @ .70
2 x 3 @ .75
2 x 2 @ .80
2 x 2 @ .85
2 x 2 @ .90
*2min rest between sets. Pull from blocks

Every 2min for 12min:
3 Pause Front Squats
*Go 5-10# heavier than 1/21/15… 2 second pause in the bottom. Once you’ve achieved bottom position give a one, one thousand, two, one thousand, count before driving to the top. Focus on vertical torso, high elbows, and a comfortable bottom position. Build into 90% of max effort and maintain for all 6 sets.
8min Ladder:
3-6-9-12 etc of:
Full BJOs (24,20)
C2B Pull-ups
*Can step into the jump, but must completely clear box on BJOs

5min Shoulder Stretching and Foam Rolling


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