Competition {02/03/15}

 In Competition

10min EMOM:
1 Power Snatch
*Build into a heavy weight and maintain for all 10 sets

6 Rounds NFT:
2 Legless Rope Climbs (15′, 14′)
5 Deficit HSPU (8″, 6″)

3min EMOM:
2 C&J (205, 135)
4 Wall Balls (30, 20)
3min EMOM:
3 C&J
5 Wall Balls
3min EMOM:
4 C&J
6 Wall Balls
*Continue this format until you can no longer complete the work within each minute. Even if you fail on the first minute of a new EMOM, do as much work as possible during the next two minutes and terminate the WOD at the end of the 3min. Score is total reps

Airdyne Tabata
8 Rounds of:
20sec on, 10 sec off

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