Chinks in Your Armor

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“The idiom “chink in one’s armor” refers to an area of vulnerability. It has traditionally been used to refer to a weak spot in a figurative suit of armor.” ~ Wikipedia

Can you think of a day that you looked at the WOD and said to yourself “well, I’ll be modifying this today.” Do you know why? Are you completely aware of your weaknesses? Do you avoid them? Have you ever considered that your greatest weakness is also and opportunity to grow?

I know we address what we can on “goat days.” We do are best to keep the programming varied yet have some specific goals for each cycle. There is just no way to work on everyone’s weakness (weaknesses) every week.

What are YOU doing to fill the chinks in your armor? What do you do everyday to conquer the challenges of life? My guess is you tackle those head on. So why not tackle those in your fitness armor and fill the chinks?

Next to training with Intensity, there is no faster way to improve your overall fitness (GPP) than fixing chinks in your armor. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

If you’re unsure of how or where to start, talk to one of us. We can guide you in the right direction as well as provide some accountability. Want those pull-ups? Still can’t string together double-unders? How often are you practicing outside of class? How often should you be practicing? Check in with us, let us know how we can help you and reach your goals.


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