Name: Mike Hublar
Length of Membership: 1 Year
Measurements (before & after):
Body Weight: Before-220 After-190
Body Fat Percentage: Before-19% After-12%

Wod Results:
“Cindy”: Before-6 rounds with green band After-16 rounds RX

Placed 11th (of 28th) in 40-49 division of Central East region
Achievements because of CrossFit (mental & physical):
Four Barrel CrossFit has helped me to gain the confidence in my physical abilities. It has motivated me to live a more health-oriented lifestyle consisting of good nutrition and challenging workouts in a friendly environment.

Why did you start CrossFit?:

I started Four Barrel Crossfit because I was bored and unsatisfied with my current workout routine and lifestyle. I was hoping to kick start my energy levels, improve my attitude, lower my body fat percentage, and live a healthier life. Four Barrel Crossfit has helped me achieve all of these. If I knew then what I know now I would have joined long ago.