Casey Hogan

Name: Casey Hogan
Length of Membership: 2 Month
Measurements (before & after):
Body Weight: Before-166 After-161

Wod Results:
Fran Before: 10:00+ Fran After: Sub 10 – (haven’t tested but I got this)
Helen Before: 20:00 + Helen After: 13:18

Bench Press Before: 235
Bench Press After: 235 (come on I only weigh about 170, idk if I can get more than that)
Squat Before: 300
Squat After: 235 But now I know I probably didn’t go low enough before and I’m working on squats.
DL Before: 325
DL After: 335 – Almost had was 3 inches off the ground…
Pullups Before: 14
Pullups After 25 + and I still don’t kip right, I’ve got the butterfly down.
Strict Press: 115

Achievements because of CrossFit (mental & physical):
Physical: Much better stamina. I ran a 5K mud run the other day and didn’t get a bit tired. I sort of have a butt, may need confirmation on that, but I think it’s there.

Mental: Thus far, I’m not the best in the gym, but I love to try for it. That’s the motivation for me. I’m humbled everyday by my fellow athletes. I’m a guy that loves to compete because of the game and this is a fun game.

Why did you start CrossFit?:
To get stronger. Glory. Competition. Tear-drop quads. Crossfit women…have mercy! Honestly, I was tired of working out on my own. I’ve always loved to work out. I’m really competitive and this was it for me, the thing that combines my motivations. Also, I had a breakup, you know “the one”, and I needed a life-change distraction. Is this getting too deep? I just want a better butt.

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