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Core Work
3 Rounds
60s Forearm Plank
30s Side Plank (R)
30s Side Plank (L)

Partner WOD, Flip/Flop Format:
For Time:
Front Squat (135/85)
Cal Row

-4 Min Rest-
Thruster (95/65)
Cal Row
*Partner A starts on FS while partner B starts on row. Once each partner has completed 20 FS and 20 Cal indpendently, then they move onto 15s & 10s. Same format for thrusters. 24min cap.
A. “Hollbrook” Hero WOD
10 RFT:
5 Thrusters
10 Pull-Ups
100m Sprint
Rest 1 minute (after each)
Box News
¬†Reminder: The Pose Running Clinic will be held at 4B New Albany tomorrow(9/11) at 1:00pm. This will take the place of our normal 1:00pm class. It’s free for members and $15 for non-members. Come on out and improve your running technique!
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