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10 Alt EMOM
Odd: ME HS Hold
Even: ME Hollow Hang (rig)
*This is week 1 of a HS progression. Be ready for more HS work next week.

5 Rounds:
400m Sprint
100m Walk
30s Rest
*Score is slowest 400m sprint.



A. FOUR sets for max reps of:
60 seconds of T2B
60 seconds of Weighted Lunges
60 seconds of HRPU
60 seconds of Lateral Hops Over KB

B. (not for time, for load)
200m Plate or BB Overhead Carry
200m Back Rack Carry (or Plate on chest)
200m Farmers Carry (AHAP)


Box News

This Labor Day(9/5) there will be no classes. Instead, we are hosting the Lift Up Autism event at 8:30am at both locations.

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