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20min Alt EMOM:
Odd: 20-30 Sec Handstand Hold
Even: 30 sec DUs
*Practice bringing feet of wall and holding balance during HS Holds.



A. 5 Rounds:
Min 1: 8-10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
Min 2: Goat 1
Min 3: 14 Weighted Walking Lunges
Min 4: Goat 2
Min 5: Rest

B. 30 Partner Tire Flips + Jump Through


Box News

Starting this Saturday(6/11) LeanX at 4B New Albany will be moving to 9:00am. The schedule on Saturdays in New Albany from now on will be as follows:
– Weightlifting at 8:00am
-CrossFit at 9:00am
-LeanX at 9:00am
-CrossFit at 10:00am
-Open Gym until 1:00pm



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