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Gymnastic Strength Day
*Even if you normally rest on Thu, this is a great day to attend to learn some new gymnastic skill work.

4 Rounds:
30sec Bent Hollow Body Rocks
30sec Table Top Reps

4 Rounds:
30sec Forearm Plank
30sec Quadriped w Diagonal Reach

4 Rounds:
30sec Gymnastic Push-up
30sec Xiaopeng Forward (R)
30sec Xiaopeng Forward (L)

4 Rounds:
30sec Incline Row
30sec Bent Sideways Lat Stretch (L)
30sec Bent Sideways Lat Stretch (R)



A. 10 min to complete:
4×8 Bulgarian split squats (on each leg)
4×3 negatives (pull-ups)  

B. 12 min AMRAP:
Run 200m
10 Alt Reverse Lunges with KB in Farmer’s Carry
10 Alt Snatches

rest 5 min, then,

8 min AMRAP:
Run 100m
20 Sit-Ups
10 T2B


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