The 2015 CrossFit Open

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The 2015 CrossFit Open is upon us! If you’re not familiar with The Open, it’s the worldwide competition that ultimately leads to The CrossFit Games. Starting 2/26, CrossFit HQ will release one workout a week for 5 weeks each Thursday night. You don’t need to be a Games-level athlete to participate. The Open is a great way for any CrossFitter to test their fitness. We’ll be tackling The Open WODs at Four Barrel on Friday nights at our big “Open Throwdown” events (more details below). 

Our goal this year is to have 90% participation among the Four Barrel members in The CrossFit Open!

There is no better way to stay motivated and take your fitness to the next level than to just signup. As a great example, last year we had 10-20 athletes master their double-unders (who had been previously struggling) when the movement came up in an Open WOD. The extra bit of commitment gave them the motivation they needed in order to put some concentrated work into the skill… and boom! A couple days later, they had it!  

This year’s Open will include an Open division and a Scaled division, so we’re confident there will be WOD variations that everyone can complete!    

**Click Here to Signup for The Open**

Checkout the details below for how to participate in the CrossFit Open at Four Barrel: 

  • We’ll be hosting a big “Open Throwdown” every Friday night  starting at 5:00pm from 2/27 – 3/27. We’ll run as many heats as needed, and we’re encouraging EVERYONE to participate. 
  • The Open Throwdowns will take the place of the Friday night classes. So if you plan on attending a Friday night class, simply come and complete the Open WOD then.
  • If you’re not able to complete the Open WOD on Friday night, or if you want a second chance at the WOD, you’ll have the opportunity to do so during Open Gym time on Saturday or Sunday. It must be during Open Gym though, because a coach will have to oversee your WOD in order for it to be submitted.
  • We’re opening up the Throwdowns to any CrossFitter in the community. The atmosphere will be electric! So invite friends/family that are participating in The Open. As always, spectators are welcome too! 

Still hesitant about signing up for The Open? Check out this article from 4B head coach Case B. on why you should do The Open. 

If you have any questions, please ask a coach. And get ready… Because The Open is almost here! 


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