Staying Fit Through the Holidays

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One holiday down, a lot more gatherings to come. Are you prepared to not lose focus or lose your healthy habits you have worked so hard at creating all year long?

During the holiday season it’s really easy to put aside our healthy habits and over indulge in too much food, sugar and alcohol. Moderation is key and keeping yourself in check. But (yes, there’s a but), if you do decide to over indulge; enjoy every single second of it and DON’T FEEL GUILTY!! Holidays are about making memories and sharing them with family and friends. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a special treat and night out here and there.

Now that disclaimer is out of the way, how can you stay on track you ask? First of all, do YOU first. Make sure you get your “you time” in at the gym before you can get distracted with other events or you talk yourself out of it. Studies do show that getting your exercise in before breakfast can actually burn up to 20% more fat. We have a 5:30 and 6:30 class Monday through Friday. Get your workout in before the day gets away from you.

Don’t overdue it. Go easy on alcohol and treats. Overindulgences can lead to sluggishness and impede your motivation for up to three days afterward. Again, if you do decide to overdo it, don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy it and let it go, but don’t make it a habit. Also, don’t overdo it in the gym. Getting in a double day the few days before or even after you indulged is not going to make a difference. And honestly, you’re not going to see a huge decrease in body composition or performance in taking a few days away from the gym anyway. Workout because you love your body, not because you’re angry about what you did to it. Live, laugh, love yourself!

Go to gatherings prepared. If and when you decide to go to a party or just a family gathering, don’t arrive HANGRY. Be sure and eat your normal breakfast, lunch and snack before arriving. You are less likely to overeat if you’re not staving and have already eaten healthy for the day.

Have a plan gang! Stay motivated. Know your excuses to avoid exercise and eating too much and look for new ways to tackle them. Have accountability. Check in with a friend or coach. Keep a nutrition journal. Have healthy snacks with you to avoid sugary temptations when hunger strikes. Be sure and write your gym days down and let your family know ahead of time so there’s no question about your schedule. If you can’t make it to the gym, go for a walk with friends, show them how to do burpees, just stay active. And don’t forget to hydrate. Keep your water bottle full and with you everywhere you go.

Enjoy the holidays and keep up with your fitness.



Written by Connie Keathley

Connie Keathley

Connie is a Coach at Four Barrel CrossFit. Her coaching credentials include CrossFit Level 3, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Movement & Mobility, Gymnastics, Advanced Gymnastics and Endurance. She is also a Level 1 USAW lifting coach. She’s coached and trained under 9-time USAW National Champion Olympic Weightlifter, Chad Vaughn as well as Olympic competitors Ursula Garza and Matt Bruce. She’s trained people from age 3 to 81, and has always had a heart to help others! Being a CrossFit coach has given her the avenue to do so!

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