Your Fran Time Does Not Define You

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After finishing up a good week of testing I thought I would share some personal thoughts. I’ve said it to every class I’ve coached every time we’ve done Fran, but really it relates to every day we have in the gym; your Fran time does not define you as a person or an athlete.

In the past I have let things like my Fran time define me. I let my fitness define me as a person. I would tell myself that “I suck at life” because I can’t do 10 perfect, unbroken push ups in Cindy each round. I have considered myself a failure if I can’t put 10 pounds on my back squat after months of progression. I have been discouraged that after six years of being a CrossFit athlete I still didn’t have a sub 3 minute Fran time.   But you know what, I have learned that my fitness and athletic abilities are pretty special. It’s something I should be grateful for, not take for granted and certainly not be something I use to bring myself down. I never imagined that I would be doing any of this stuff six years ago.

What I have come to realize is, my back squat does not define me as a person. It does not make me better or worse than anyone else. My Fran time should not make or break my day. A non PR day doesn’t mean anything about my value as a person and does not mean I am less strong, kind, loving or intelligent. Don’t let your athletic performance be confused with your identity. CrossFit is something you do, it is not who you are.

Have a great week!

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