In CrossFit

Snatch Skill
C&J Skill
Pull-ups + DUs Skill

CrossFit Lift off Event 3
12min AMRAP:
3 Snatches (135, 105)
6 C&J (135, 105)
9 C2B
54 DUs

-We will be working up to our 1RM Snatch and 1RM C&J in 8am Weightlifting for the CrossFit Liftoff today, and then completing Event 3 of the Liftoff (above) to round out the full competition. Class times will be held as normal. These are simply the WODs that will be taking place during class. If you’re interested in signing up for the Liftoff on the CrossFit Games website click here
-We will NOT be having Tune-Up this Sunday at 2:00 pm. Class is still on at 1:00. See you next time!

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