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Tempo Back Squats
*3sec neg, 2sec pause in bottom, explode to top. Start at a moderate load and make 10-20lb jumps each set. Do not chase weight. Focus on positions. If you have a chink in the armor now, it will get worse as we get into heavy 3s and 1s.

Cash Out
3 Rounds of:
Min 1: Side Plank (L)
Min 2: Side Plank (R)
Min 3: Suitcase DL (L)
Min 4: Suitcase DL (R)
*Focus on slow consistent movement and keeping level/square hips in suitcase DLs. No score. Input suitcase DL weight in comments



A. In teams of 3:
5 min of MAX wall ball tosses
*in a circle facing each other, squat and toss up to teammate
*count each time teammate catches

B. 2 rounds for time:
50m broad jump
50m walking lunges
800m run

Box News

  • This Thursday(5/19) will be Bring-A-Friend Day! If you know someone who would like to try out a CrossFit or LeanX class just bring them with you this Thursday for a fun workout.
  • Virus demo gear will be at 4B East this week for you to try on. Get your name/size on the preorder list by Sunday(5/22) to get yours!
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